The Cryptocurrency Industry and Digital Wallets

Cryptocurrency has deservedly earned the title of a major disruptive technology in the 21st Century. The technology, backed by blockchain (a digital distributed, decentralized ledger network), has significantly impacted many industries, especially the finance industry. The two technologies enable the building of a decentralized financial system that works effectively without the need for a central authority. As such, digital currency solves many problems inherent with centralized financial systems such as lack of trust and transparency, high costs of transactions, bureaucracy, and security and privacy.

Many individual users and institutions have joined the digital currency ecosystem due to the obvious benefits that these virtual currencies provide. As this industry grows, expectations heighten. The leading institutions and projects in this industry are introducing new products and services and improving the existing ones to meet the increasing demand and expectations.

One of the fundamental products that call for attention is the digital wallet. It is a key driver of this economy of digital assets. Wallets facilitate, storage, sending, and receiving of digital funds. Therefore, someone must have a wallet before owning any digital asset. The pocket multi-chain wallet is one of the significant developments in crypto wallet products.

What is Pocket Wallet?

Pocket Wallet is a multi-chain digital wallet that will enable users, receive, send, and invest in their cryptocurrencies. The wallet will have an intuitive application that is suitable for users of all experiences — from beginners to experienced traders. The wallet will enable users to exchange cryptocurrency in their Private Key wallets. It enables users to enjoy non-custodial, on-chain trade settlements.

Pocket Wallet was founded by Arnold Mhlamvu, a South African tech entrepreneur. He has over 16 years of experience working with startups and digital businesses, including telcos in Africa. Mhlamvu has worked as a member of the advisory board at Streamr Data Union, a blockchain solution business with over a $100 million market cap. He integrates his experience and skills to spearhead one of the most innovative digital wallet projects in the crypto industry.

How does Pocket Wallet Work?

Pocket Wallet is available both as a browser extension and as a mobile app. It equips the users with a token wallet, token exchange, a key vault, and a secure login — all that they need to manage digital assets effectively.

Users can download the app, create a new wallet, and set a password that secures the wallet. A passphrase for recovering the account will be provided. The passphrase must be stored securely.

After creating the wallet, they will be able to download wallets for the specific digital asset they want to manage. Pocket Wallet will support multiple wallets such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tron, Ripple, Tether, Dogecoin, Solana, ADA, and BNB. Users will also easily swap one cryptocurrency for another, almost instantly.

The App will be available on Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for users with iOS supported products.

Alternatively, users will get the wallet via chrome extensions. You will need to download the extension from the official website and add it as an extension to Chrome. Once your wallet is installed, you will be able to explore different digital assets including cryptocurrency exchanges, farms, pools, vaults, and NFT marketplaces.

What are the Features of Pocket Wallet?

User-friendly Interface

Both the app and the extension user interfaces are easy to understand and to use despite, the whole product being complex, in that it interacts with multiple blockchain networks. The process of registration is simple, involving only a few steps.

High Security

The wallet has an account backup phrase that helps users secure their accounts and recover them anytime they want. Secondly, the wallet stores the public and private keys locally on the user’s web browser and not on the Pocket servers. Therefore, users will have more control of their private keys. Their account will remain secure as long as they keep the keys safe and away from third parties.

Buying, Sending and Receiving Cryptocurrency

The wallet will allow users to receive and store cryptocurrencies in a secure manner. They will also be able to buy cryptocurrencies from exchanges directly through their wallet.

Cross-Chain Wallet

The wallet will be using cross-chain, meaning it is compatible with the many major blockchain networks. Therefore, it will support many cryptocurrencies cutting across these blockchains. The wallet will also enable easy swapping of these tokens.

Native Token

Pock Token is a native token to the Pocket ecosystem. The coin powers nearly all the activities in the protocol. Users will use the token to pay trading fees, earn rewards (for LP providers), and participate in the lottery. The token can also be staked coin and earn interest. Holders of the token will also take part in voting. Later on, users will also use the coin to in mint and trade NFTs and other Digital Securities.

Connects with Many dApps

The wallet will connect with the majority of dApps. These include cryptocurrency exchanges and DeFi applications. It will allow users to make payments for products and services on these platforms, receive payments in digital currencies.

DeFi Suite

Pocket Finance is a DeFi platform that provides users with vast crypto investment opportunities. Users will be able to connect their wallets to the platform and explore Pools, Farms, and Vaults. Liquidity pools allow users to deposit their funds that will contribute to the liquidity of the ecosystem, and earn decent interest. Traders and investors can add funds into the pools and remove them at any time. The platform will also allow users to lock their funds for a specific period and earn interest out of it. Interest will also vary depending on the staking period. Users will be able to withdraw their funds at any time. The Vault service helps in storing users’ funds in secured cold storage owned by Pocket. Vaults add another layer of protection of users’ funds. You will store a large number of coins offline without owning cold storage. Withdrawal from the vault is simple and more secure. The platform will also have a referral program that earns users rewards for referring others to PocketFi.

PocketFi also has other products coming up. An NFT marketplace is soon launching. The marketplace will enable users to mint, buy, and sell NFTs. The platform will also offer loans to users against their deposits. The loan service has low interest for the borrowers and decent interest to the lenders. The platform will also launch a price prediction game where participants can win a good amount of money by forecasting the prices of digital assets. The Platform will also launch voting for the holders of the govern governance coin.


The pocket wallet will be at the center of the cryptocurrency revolution. The product will integrate loads of features to give the users the best opportunity to the users. It will give users of all experiences the chance to have a good experience trading cryptocurrencies in a secure and profitable environment. Download Pocket Wallet and enjoy amazing features.

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