Pocket Wallet is pleased to announce a collaboration with Changelly to concur another milestone in the road to creating the best digital wallet solution in the cryptocurrency world. The partnership will see Changelly empower the development of a built-in exchange within our wallet. The wallet will enable crypto-to-crypto swaps, making the wallet an all-in-one solution for storing funds and sending and receiving funds, and exchanging digital tokens.

With this development, our wallet users will not move to an external exchange app to exchange tokens. Instead, they will easily swap between growing numbers of tokens through our wallet’s intuitive user interface. Many cryptocurrency users are not comfortable using custodial exchanges since they do not allow them to control their wallets. With this option, our wallet users will fully maintain control of their wallets even as they exchange one cryptocurrency for another. With the high level of simplicity of the entire interface, even the least experienced users will manage to use this feature.

About Changelly

Changelly provides an ecosystem of products and services that enables customers to have a one-stop-shop experience when engaging with crypto. It acts as an intermediary between the users and crypto exchanges. There are more than 200 cryptocurrencies available for exchange on the platform. Since its launch in 2015, it has grown in popularity for providing in-built exchanging solutions for crypto wallets. Its API also enables users to exchange tokens at fixed rates, the fixed-rate mechanism protects from the risk of market fluctuation. Changelly has partnered with many wallet companies before. These companies include Binance, MyEtherWallet, Trezor, Coinomi, Exodus, Edge, BRD, Ledger, and Enjin.

About Pocket Wallet

Pocket Wallet is a multi-chain digital wallet solution launched in 2021. The wallet is an all-in-one DeFi solution focused on providing simple and secure crypto transfer and swapping services. Pocket Wallet’s point of difference is its ease of use. Through its simple user interface, users of all levels of experience can easily send and receive digital coins. Pocket Wallet also highly regards the security of its users’ funds. It fully vests the control of the users’ wallets in their hands. It locally stores the public and private keys of the users in their local in their browsers rather than their local server, thus enabling them to have total control of those keys. The company’s primary goal is to create financial freedom for digital currency holders by creating user-centered services. From the wallet to the native token (POCK TOKEN), to exchange, to gaming services, to farming, to staking, the entire PocketWallet ecosystem, at its maturity, will be an all-in-one DeFi solution.

This partnership brings together two companies whose visions marry to create the best crypto solutions for cryptocurrency users. “We are delighted to welcome this partnership since it is a significant step in our roadmap to develop the best cryptocurrency ecosystem, especially in emerging markets,” said Arnold Mhlamvu, Founder of Pocket Wallet.

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