Pocket Wallet is teaming up with OnRamper to enable users to buy cryptocurrency using their bank cards, ApplePay and GooglePay. The feature will enable easy connecting of bankcards to Pocket Wallets users’ to enable them to convert their fiat currencies in their bank accounts to digital assets in their Pocket Wallets. This move means that the Pocket Wallet users will not have to leave their Pocket Wallets to load digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Tron, USDT, BNB and many others.

Most cryptocurrency wallets require their users to purchase the tokens on external exchanges and then send them to the wallets. This model is often both time and gas consuming since that different platforms have different procedures for making digital coin purchases. It is also risky since it exposes users to third-party applications — exchanges. By introducing this service, Pocket Wallet aims at simplifying and making secure the process of buying cryptocurrencies.

This collaboration places Pocket Wallet another step closer to fully developing as an all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet app that will make digital currency transactions easy, more realistic, and safe for everyone despite their level of experience and knowledge.

OnRamper is a financial technology service provider working to bridge the fiat and crypto worlds. It offers several solutions that enable users to swap easily between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. While the cryptocurrency industry is growing, our economies still largely rest on the fiat currency world. Bridging the gap between these two different financial systems is necessary to ensure the growth of the digital asset industry. OnRamper has become popular as it targets to leverage this opportunity. It has collaborated with many cryptocurrency service providers and merchants to support them in their course. The Partners include BitMex, ShapeShit, Zerion to name a few.

This is the second major partnership that Pocket Wallet is making with third-party service providers. Recently, it announced a partnership with Changelly to enable an in-wallet crypto-to-crypto swap service. The service will allow wallet users to exchange cryptocurrencies without leaving the wallet.

Since its initial development start in 2021, Pocket Wallet, a multichain digital wallet, has achieved some of the main milestones towards its full development. The wallet app boasts of its ease of use, security, and affordability. At its full maturity, the wallet will be an all-in-one digital wallet solution. It will enable users to interact easily with cryptocurrency. It will support seamless buying, sending, and receiving cryptocurrencies. “The project at maturity will also contain a DeFi Suite, a platform that will offer users a wide range of cryptocurrency investment opportunities. This platform that will connect with Pocket Wallet will enable users to use their digital coins to earn partial income through activities such as staking, farming, prediction games, and vaults. Users will also access cryptocurrency exchange to trade their cryptocurrencies. Other upcoming products include an NFT marketplace that will enable users to mint, sell, and buy NFTs. The native token, POCK TOKEN, powers the whole project’s ecosystem”, states Arnold Mhlamvu, Founder of Pocket Wallet.

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